How to Plan a Photo-Worthy Wedding

First things first, congratulations on your engagement!  I can't wait to hear all about it.  You're currently shopping for your perfect wedding photographer.  Wedding planning can be stressful but I'm here to help.  I believe that a photo-worthy wedding starts by making great decisions, espcially in four catigoiries.




A photo-worthy wedding displays itself through multiple characteristics, from style to your decorations. The most important category, is fashion. When you’re shopping for your wedding dress, you probably have an idea in mind that makes this particular shopping challenge a distinctive one. On one hand, you want to find the right dress.  If you’re thinking from a photographers perspective, it’s critical to take a chance and think outside of the  “bridal” box. Consider emerging bridal designers, if you find a unique dress, you’re sure to catch their eye.  I continue to see the trend of couples thinking outside the traditional norms of wedding fashion. Go for it! As long as you stick to your true sense of style, you can’t go wrong. And if you’re concerned - we highly recommend tapping a stylist to help you with the purchase of your dress if budget allows.




When I think about venues, to me it’s not just about picking a location, but it’s about choosing a destination that creates an experience for your guests, and for you as a couple. 




A wide category that includes everything from flowers to stationery to tabletop decor. Again, like with fashion, I’d encourage you to think outside the box in an abstract way. There are incredible wedding stylists who can help you bring a particular vision to life, like Erinn with Simply Yours. Who wants to have a cookie-cutter style wedding with predictable details? Not you! That’s not you, and you know it.




And finally - last but not least - remember that it’s all about you. Do not be shy about prioritizing yourself in advance of your wedding. Prioritize your health and wellness months before your wedding day, from making time for workouts that you love doing, to focusing on your mental health, too. We all know that weddings can bring up emotions, so putting yourself first in the months leading up to the big day becomes very important. When your wedding day comes, it’s all about enjoying the moments and letting go of control. I’ll say that from my perspective as a photographer, seeing your laugh and watching you be present in the moment makes all the difference in the end result of the images. Channel your energy into planning, and then when the day comes, don’t sweat it. All of the planning in the world doesn’t matter if you’re not enjoying your wedding. But when I can capture a genuine smile on your face, that’s when a wedding is truly photo-worthy.